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Limpia, aura cleansing, is a spiritual purification of the subtle bodies where the blueprints of our patterns, complexes, emotions, thinking and actions reside. We affirm sacred space and call in the Nature Spirits and guides to aid us in the limpia. Crystals are placed on the body for chakra balance, attunement, and purification. Sage, or other incense like frankinscence, flowers, drum, rattle, and voice may be applied. 

Just about everybody takes showers and baths to cleanse the physical body, however the practice of taking care of our energy body, like our unprocessed emotions, energetic debris and attachments from people, relationships, or situations, our stress and anxiety, our deep soul calling has been mostly forgotten and neglected in our busy-ness in the physical world.


Limpia ceremonies are the equivalent of clearing and purifying the soul body, a bath for the soul as in food for the soul. A good Limpia will reset your energy body and re-vitalize your multi-dimensional being allowing more clarity and purity of your essence to shine through.


For a remote session please prepare a private space where you can lie down with good wifi connection.

In Person Limpia

60-90 min


Remote Limpia

60-90 min


Four Seasons Limpia Package

4 sessions/yearly


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