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Space clearings are commonly performed when one moves into a new home, or office, to bring a renewal of energy after heavy situations, traumatic events, death, or for honoring the land before any construction begins. It is also a lovely ceremony to do either at the end of the year or the beginning of the year to bring a clean purified slate to your home, office, or land.

Antoinette will come to your space for the clearing ritual to purify the energies that are lingering around. There are two parts to this ritual, first the clearing part, then the blessing part to infuse the space with your new intention. Antoinette will provide all the materials necessary to perform the ritual together with you including any other family members who would like to be part of it.

Please schedule a call with Antoinette first to discuss the space and any existing issues along with the size of the place, number of rooms if it is a home or office, or the size of the land. Together you will set a date for the ritual and Antoinette will answer any questions you have.

Space Clearing & Blessing Ritual

minimum 3 hours


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