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PLATICA / Heart To Heart Talk Therapy

Platica, Heart to Heart talk is one-on-one healing guidance, mentoring, shamanic counseling. 


Shamanic Laying On Of Stones

Shamanic Laying On of Stones, is Crystal Healing merging with ancient earth-based practices, shamanic tools and ritual, invoking the wisdom of the Soul and of Nature to purify, bring clarity, and alchemy for the guiding intention of each Healing.

The ritual is supported by crystals, drum, rattle, scent and song. Often transformative.

Remote and In person

LIMPIA / Aura Cleansing

Limpia, Aura Cleansing, is a spiritual purification and reset of the subtle bodies including a chakra balance with crystals.

Remote and In person

Vesica Piscis Couples Crystalline Therapy

Vesica Piscis Crystalline Couples Therapy was created as an alternative way of working with the challenges and growth required for the wholesome union of two people.

Space Clearing & Blessing

Space clearings are commonly performed when one moves into a new home, or office, to bring a renewal of energy after heavy situations, or for honoring the land before any construction begins.

Despacho Ceremony

A despacho is a living prayer bundle to the spirit world, an offering of love to Mother Earth and Father Cosmos honoring our connection to all Living Beings.

It is a Prayer, and a Ceremony, a medium to express your gratitude and is performed for any specific intention you wish to celebrate or ask for. Often for AYNI, Sacred Reciprocity with Nature.

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