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Antoinette Aurell, founder of Ouroboros Healing Arts, is a student of life, artist, yogini, facilitator of healing, and crystal light worker whose mission (& passion) is to be of service in raising consciousness - starting with herself and around her, one by one - to co-create a world of peace, dignity, and beauty; remembering our divinity and sacred connection to Spirit, Mother Earth and


Antoinette is trained and certified for Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine with Alberto Villodo at the Four Winds Society - Light Body School, and for Advanced Crystal Healing with Katrina Raphaell at The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in Kauai. Antoinette continues her studies with shamans of the lineage of the Q'uero from Peru and has been initiated as a Pompa Mesayok - Caretaker of the Earth- and an Alto Mesayok -Wisdom Keeper. She deepens her relationship with the sacred plants and spiritual teachers from the Amazon jungles of Colombia and Brazil. Additionally, Antoinette is apprenticing with herbalist and Green Witch, Robin Rose Bennett; loving the WiseWoman Healing Ways of Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit teachings and is currently training in Aura Reading with the Aura Reading School of Roses, Piracanga, Brazil.

<4 image from Reading the B.I.T.C.H. Manifesto, performanceAntoinette Aurell  in Duna de Taroa, La Guajira, Colombia 2012

 I am Antoinette, Amoxtli Yari Yolotili, Protector of Jewel Heart, founder of Ouroboros School of Mystery. My intention is to empower your self-knowledge, to awaken the intuitive healer within you, so you can master your energies within and without with ease.

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We are collectively moving through the birthing canal as we co-create a new paradigm of Heaven On Earth.

I am in service to committed people who desire to evolve, shift into Soul perspectives, and master themselves in this School Of Life with integrity and maturity.

I am in service to Pachamama, our cosmic mother, on the path of awakening the Divinity within me and within All. My passion is alchemy, transforming darkness to Light, mastering the stillness within, my religion is LOVE.

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Antoinette is a medicine woman, a paqo, a facilitator of healing and soul doula collaborating with the primordial wisdom inherent in Nature, the elementals, the mineral and the plant kingdom. Through the modalities of Laying On of Stones or Crystal Healing, Aura Reading, Shamanic earth wisdom practices, rituals and ceremony, Antoinette's mission is to support and empower self-knowledge, to awaken the intuitive healer within, to teach the art of moving energies within and without to become masters of manifestation, consciously co-creating our reality. 

Antoinette was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. At 20 yrs old she moved to Paris, France where she started her successful 15 year photography career specializing in fashion editorials and celebrity portraits. She is the mother of two young adults, an avid gardener, forager, and homesteader in upstate New York. 


Antoinette's early curiosity and faith in the Law of Nature raised so many questions regarding the nature of reality, the world, and the purpose of life. This prompted her early on to explore philosophy, astrology, and the mystery teachings of the ancient world. She embarked on her healing journey and through many amazing teachers physical and non-physical found herself initiated by the plants to become a facilitator of healing. Antoinette has been practicing the art of healing for a decade, she taught at the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts for 7 years, and has founded the Ouroboros School of Mystery. Her passion is to share the illumination she received to the best of her abilities.


"Renegade Member of the Family of Light. Systems Buster, available for altering systems of consciousness within the Free Will Universe. On Call"       

-Barbara Marciniak, Bringers Of The Dawn

hello! i am antoinette protector of jewel heart

100% soul star doula to earth star mama, i am a woman who lives on the soil of upstate new york; my passion is gardening in all its range, to co-create a beautiful garden of the soil and of the soul with our cosmic mother, to empower courageous men and creative women on their journey toward self discovery, healing, and transformation.


my mission is to share the teachings i have received; the gems of life, ageless earth wisdom, to plant the seeds, hold space and nurture expanded consciousness through healing & learning offerings, in experiential modalities, nature immersion, ritual, in ceremony, with story and song, as well as in the inter-relational space of community. 


"Let the day come when you will stand on your own feet, recognize your duty and responsibility and ask no one to make decisions for you, here, hereafter, inner or outer."

- The Rainbow Bridge by Two Disciples


Antoinette's teachers, lineages, and formal education in the healing arts.

Mother Earth, Nature, the Elementals, Father Cosmos, ALL OF LIFE is my teacher. Living in the countryside and living close to nature gives me the pleasure to forage, garden, get my hands in the soil, and Be in Nature all the time!

  • Coletta Long was my first healer and teacher. I studied Hypnotherapy with her in 1999 after a powerful series of past life regressional healing sessions with her which transformed my life.

  • I was certified in Luminous Healing & Energy Medicine by Alberto Villoldo of the Light Body School, Four Wind's Society in 2013.

  • I continued to deepen my education in Andean Mysticism with teachers Juan and Ivan Nunez del Prado from Peru since 2015 and in 2022 re-completed the HATUN KARPAY - Right Side Path / Left Side Path/ Middle Path/ Master Class. 

  • In 2021, graduated from the 1 year program, Global Paqo School, founded by Elizabeth Jenkins and the Wiracocha Foundation and taught by the Q'ero elders and paqos in the Andes mountains of Peru.

  • Significant other teachers in the Andean Mysticism tradition includes Joan Parisi Cox and Vilma Piñedo.

  • Certified in Crystal Healing by Katrina Raphaell since 2012 and was a teacher of the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts for seven years. Taught the Beginning and Intermediate Crystal Healing Certification courses from 2016 to 2022. 

  • As a lover of nature and our green plant allies, I completed a three year apprenticeship with Robin Rose Bennett, and was initiated as Green Witch mastering the WiseWoman Healing Ways of Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit Teachings in 2015.

  • Completed Medicine Way apprenticeship with Irma Star Spirit Turtle Women - expanding shamanic wisdom & tools through the Mayan/Toltec traditions and received my Nahuatl Mayan medicine name, Amoxtli Yari Yolotili - Protector of Jewel Heart

  • Completed training in Aura Reading I ,II, III, IV with her teachers Amelia Clark and Angelina Ataide, founder of the Aura Reading School of Roses in Piracanga, Brazil between 2012-2017 . 

  • Graduated from the Nine Gates Mystery School in the spring of 2016 and has received teachings spanning the wisdom traditions of Celtic, African, Sufi, Kabbala, esoteric Christianity to Buddhism. Significant teachers are Deborah Jones and the beloved Sobonfu Some.

  • Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley

  • Completed the Mystical Principles of Healing Course I & II, Transparent Communication, and Authentic Awakening with Thomas Huebl.

  • Completed the Transformational Coaching Course with Nicholas Janni in 2019.

  • Transformational Teaching Online Course with Sutra in 2021.

  • I deepen my practice and facilitation with the sacred plant teachers from the jungles of Peru, Colombia & Brazil. With deep gratitude and engagement with the Mystery of Life, I am continually expanding my connection to healing magic, exploring the boundaries of consciousness, and integrating my earth walk with awareness of our multi-dimensional selves and soul journey.

  • Served as one of the core members of the New York Shamanic Circle from February - August 2017


 "chop wood carry water, chop wood carry water"

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