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What is a despacho? ... Ceremony

How do I bring more attention to my intention? ... Ceremony

How can I create a vibrant life of my dream? ... Ceremony

I want to connect to Nature more ... Ceremony

How can I learn to pray? ... Ceremony


I fell in love with the despacho making ritual fifteen years ago when I was first introduced to them from my teachers of Andean Mysticism and directly from the Q’ero indigenous people of Peru. It was at once so playful, mysterious, wondrous, yet serious, natural, and ineffably felt like a "coming home" to the heart. 


I love that this ritual welcomes individual expression, creates beauty, strengthens gratitude and that each prayer delivers a grounded enigmatic return.

If you want to increase your intuition, clarify your intentions, live in sacred reciprocity with Nature allies, receive guidance and support, if you like beauty and love, this is for you! 

sacred reciprocity 1.png


is a downloadable e-booklet *made with love* introducing my favorite ritual, a beautiful Andean practice of gratitude and prayer to Pachamama, our cosmic mother, and the spirits of nature through the creation of a physical mandala bundle. 



  • about the principle of AYNI - Sacred Reciprocity

  • about one of the oldest mystical technology passed down from the Inka civilization

  • how to connect and communicate with Nature Spirits 

  • how to invite more magic into your life

  • how to make kintus for holding your prayers

  • ingredients and how to create your own personal despacho 

  • how to support your soul growth and connection to the World of Living Energy

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