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How does crystal healing work?

Crystal Healing works by harnessing the Crystalline Frequency which is the vibration of the full rainbow spectrum and holds the memory of Unity Consciousness.

Crystal Healing is a multi-dimensional healing modality that utilizes the powerful properties of crystals to expand the aura, activate the chakras, and access the more subtle levels of consciousness and being.


The mineral kingdom provides the grounded frequencies of universal truths through manifestation in sacred geometry and the primordial wisdom and qualities embedded in the rainbow ray color frequencies.


The crystal healing facilitator holds space and presence, navigating the energies, asking questions, listening, and empowering the receiver’s inner knowing. The crystal healing therapeutics deliver the roadmap and structure for the soul journey to take root and give guidance to the receiver.

Specific crystals are placed upon the chakras, or energy centers of the body, mirroring the rainbow rays descending down the central line channel from soul star to earth star. The presence of crystals on the body positively influences the human electromagnetic field, the nervous systems, stimulates the corresponding endocrine glands, and amplifies the subtle senses and the opening of portals to access multi-dimensional fields of knowing and being.

A very important step in the healing process is the invocation of the soul. When the wisdom of the soul is invoked, higher understanding is available to identify whatever is outdated and not serving anymore, to be reviewed and purged.    


We empower the receiver to access their inner truth illuminated by the crystal’s vibration of universal love. We support the receiver to discover their power and true soul expression to be harmonized throughout the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

Embodying the crystalline matrix and rooting the soul star is the evolutionary process for humans to integrate their Soul Essence into the Physical Body, the embodiment of spirit into matter, to become Whole and full participating humans with the World of Living Energy.


What happens in shamanic laying on of stones?

  • sacred space is opened with gratitude and a prayer to the seven directions                                      

  • the elementals, guides and helping spirits are welcomed to aid us in the healing                 

  • hand drum, rattle, chime, or crystal bowl are used for journeying and to induce trance states

  • herbs, flowers, leaves, or feathers may be used for limpia - purification rituals                          

  • singing, toning, or channeling of voice or frequency 

  • journeying or traveling to any of the three worlds, lower, middle, or upper                                       

  • receiving messages or meeting a guide, ancestor, helping spirit, or power animal                 

  • the burning of smudge or resin like sage, sweetgrass, palo santo, copal, or frankinscence  

  • conversation, breathing guidance, or guided meditation, astral guardianship

  • remembrance, connection to soul wisdom, transformation, expansion of perspective

  • any of the different ways to illuminate the shadow listed below


Shamanic ritual and ceremony illuminate the shadow

  • Shadow Journey 

  • Armory & Masks

  • Little Me

  • Ho'OPonoPono

  • Ancestral Gifts

  • Ancestral Healing

  • Space Clearing/Blessing

  • Mystical Experience

  • Destiny Retrieval

  • Soul Contract/Retrieval

  • Energy/Entity Extraction

  • Illumination

  • Waqhariquy, Calling Spirits

  • Cord Cutting

  • Past/Parallel Life Healing

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Despacho Ceremony

  • Personal Altar

  • Limpia/Purification

  • Chakra Sparkle Up

  • Death Rites


What is a shadow?

Think about any undesirable feeling...something that triggers there is a portal to your shadow. We illuminate the shadow by bringing it into awareness.

Shadows can be anything from limiting thought patterns & programs, self-sabotage, emotional separation, addictions, early-life trauma, ancestral debts, or memories we carry from toxic past life or parallel life incarnations, etc . 


We include here all levels of self value issues, extreme emotional responses, or any feeling still alive which carries a bitter or worse frequency. Fear.

We heal ourselves through first identifying, then releasing our 'stories' and stepping out of disempowering roles we have adopted which are no longer aligned with our Soul's evolution.


Shadow work is prerequisite for self mastery

  • In order to reach a frequency that can stabilize and anchor Light, you must go through the process of purification which involves truly getting to know yourself.                                         

  • Knowing yourself is a multi level process (even multi lifetime!) of shedding layers of dense energies, patterns, and programs, internal and external, that we have accumulated through ancestral lineage, karma, or personality/ego.                           

  • This age old programming has most of us stuck in a vicious cycle of false self identification and self idealization - looking externally for love and approval, where we will never be full-filled nor at peace.                                                            

  • Shadow work is inner work. You find your answers within and tap into the well of self-knowledge, connection to your ancient self, inner child, your intuition, and your guides. 

"To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration." - Nikola Tesla

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