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"Antoinette Aurell is a wonderful teacher and human being. She is a beautiful soul who is carrying this profound healing technology with reverence and grace. My experience learning from her has been transformative and healing. I am forever grateful for this lineage and for the opportunity to study with her."  - I.M.

"After many years of talk therapy I was still left with a nagging feeling of a block. My sessions with Antoinette went far deeper than any other healing modality I have experienced and allowed for real progress and self-growth. I would suggest anyone who had a nagging unresolved feeling to pursue this intensive series, you will hopefully experience the same change I found. "- Jackson

"Of all the energy work I've participated in so far, my shamanic session with Antoinette was the most powerful. I'd been sensing an energetic drain and she got right to the source of it. She also removed some long-standing, stagnant energy I'd been holding that no longer served me. She conducted a soul retrieval and brought back the precious gift of my inner child. She is a powerful, nurturing, loving guide into the worlds we sense but cannot see." - Kristina

"Antoinette Aurell’s Beginning Crystal Healing Certification course surpassed my expectations. Her knowledge is extensive. Her care and kindness with which she imparts the information was perfection. Not only do you learn about crystals and how to perform a healing, but you also receive healings. By the end of day 5, I was transformed. 🦋  Beyond the workshop, I made life-long friendships with the other  participants and Antoinette. I highly recommend this course, and  cannot wait to take the Intermediate level."  - Cannon Schaub

“I was very fortunate to be first introduced to Antoinette Aurell in 2015. She was highly recommended by one of my current physicians, who knew I just received a terminal cancer diagnosis. My doctor said she was the “real deal”. Those words still echo in my head & could not have been truer. I was happily surprised to have these two worlds of eastern & western medicine meet. Antoinette’s crystal healing & guided meditation sessions have strengthened my mind & helped heal my body. Her natural gift & knowledge, from working all around the world, puts her beyond compare. I really feel I would not be here today if she was not a part of my life.” - Valerie F.

"Antoinette, I am so thankful for the healing sessions I have had with you. Each journey has felt like another layer of my being was being deeply investigated and cleansed. Your ability to keep on course (though uncharted!) with gentle nudges and humor but a powerfulness ready for battle is deeply healing. This last session, with your drum and crystals, has resonated within me for weeks now, your extraction of the "hooks" I had carried these many years I believe will be an important key to this transitional period of my life. I have felt a great release & a renewed sense of purified wholeness ...& I've been given homework! I look forward to future sessions !  Gratefully,  RB"

"A week with Antoinette was nothing short of deeply transformative. I showed up expecting to learn more about all the crystals I’ve always loved, and I left changed as a person. The teachings are a revelation and being with the crystals in such an intimate setting and process transported us to another dimension of understanding, where the true potency and wisdom crystals have to share was revealed. This teaching is a sacred path and I feel deeply honored to hold it in my hands now for the sake of healing those in need. Antoinette teaches with total knowledge but also serenity, grace, and pure love. I was spellbound watching her give healing. Like watching the waves of the ocean, I entered a trance-like state just observing the gentle rhythmic flow of presence, connection with the recipient, and a dynamic mastery of the crystals. Being taught by her is a blessing. She adds to the experience with her vast shaman background, infusing sound and deeper intention that amplifies the receiving of the healing. I travelled to past lives and healed wounds when I received healing and I felt the power of the crystals interacting with the body on those I gave healing. I laughed, cried, and made friends. I left the week empowered while in a state of total inner peace. This is a deep, mystical, potent, transformative practice for whomever feels the calling. It is beyond a ‘training’ and is moreover an evolution of the soul. I feel deep gratitude."  - Maha Mamish

"Within this life, we are already so many things, both human and ethereal, at once, and Mystic Medicine seeks to only affirm this interdimensional practice. Tapping into ancient wisdom and ritual, this spirit work traces new energy lines, synchronizes multiple soul selves, and heals the sequence of timelines, strongly grounded in embodied practice and indigenous healing traditions. Receiving this transformational shift asked me to attune to and deepen feeling states, perceptual fields, and the spirit sense over several shamanic journeys. Space opens up and emerges from journeying, like the bardo, the oneiric, the spirit world. In that space within space, Antoinette held the space. Deep consciousness and visions arrive. She walks with you, moving the vision. Visioning to speak from the unknown, departed places to feel and conceive of life otherwise. She walks with you, as you walk with your ancestors, retrieve your selves, and speak with your loved ones and anyone that may come. An anchor, continuous presence, and guide, Antoinette filled the interval with icaros, medicine songs, crystals and sacred drumming, accessing higher frequencies to create a sonic-crystalline plane through which the healing could take flight. Every week was different. Always the unexpected, the window through which something other can come through. I felt ways to architect the resonance: the light lines circuiting the soul body, as she mentored me to tune into the earth, magic, spirit between journeys. To feel infinitely connected to source. Clearing the way with repatterning energetic connections, rewilding ancestral medicine, and activating knowledge of the gifts. Through this journey of journeys, the perspective of past, alternate timelines has given me an expansive sense of source and spirit movement. While everyone’s intention is singular, this will move you into your evolutionary paradigm. I am grateful and honored to have moved through this immense and beautiful shift with Antoinette as an intuitive, attuned guide, moored in crystalline heart consciousness."

-Angeli S.

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