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Vesica Piscis Crystalline Couples Therapy was created as an alternative way of working with the challenges and growth required for the wholesome union of two people. It is a creative process providing structure for a non-linear imaginative way of reflection, communication and expression for and between two individuals, ie. mother/father and daughter/son, husband and wife, two friends, etc.

*This offering is for in-person sessions Upstate NY and three sessions over three months are recommended.

**< < < save the date > > > VESICA PISCIS CRYSTALLINE COUPLES RETREAT in Upstate New York from December 16, 17, 18, 2023 facilitated by Antoinette Aurell and Poppy Jones. For more information coming soon please express your interest below!


1.   INTENTION SETTING - We start with a heart to heart talk to identify the concerns and issues of each individual and of the inter-relational space to set the intention of the ritual.



2.​   JOURNEY - Next, I will guide you to lay down, relax and take you on a journey with crystals, drum and sound. The journey aligns and strengthens the intention's focus. You are directed to meditate on your current life situation; the core elements, significant activities, actions, emotions, and dreams or whatever may bubble up during the journey.


3. MEETING THE CRYSTALS - Boxes of crystals and stones are provided for you to connect with. Select the ones which most remind you of the different core elements representing specific people, roles, attitudes, actions, or anything you desire in your life. The color, texture, and energy of the crystals inform and support the process.


4. LAYING ON OF STONES - You are guided to a personal hoop and invited to play, ponder and place the crystals you selected within the hoop and create a meaningful mandala/grid to represent your life. Choose a crystal for each core aspect in your life - what is resonant with the feeling and energy of that issue and place each crystal in the hoop in relation to the other crystals. ​​



4. SHARING - The couple will next take turns to explain their personal life map, the meaning, feeling, and position of each crystal in their hoop. Antoinette guides and provides insight according to the chosen crystals and their qualities.




5. VESICA PISCIS MERGE - The two hoops are removed from the personal grids and next formed into a single geometric figure, VESICA PISCIS. The couple is directed to collaborate on their inter-relational grid, a map of their life together.  



​6. INTEGRATION - Antoinette will guide the illumination and integration process. She will share her observations of the ritual, the meanings and qualities of the crystals that were chosen, what? why? some crystals were chosen from or left in the personal hoop. 

Insight into re-occuring themes that came up in relation to the original intention and significant personal crystals will be identified. Together we will come up with an action/ maintenance plan reflecting the gems and 'takeaways' highlighted by the ritual.



7. COMMITMENT & GOING DEEPER - Three sessions in three months are recommended to receive the benefits of this ritual and ground new, evolved perceptions of self, collaboration and unity with care and guidance. Couple therapy requires deep personal work and the opportunity to develop greater vulnerability, compassion, and maturity.


Vesica Pisces Crystalline

Couples Therapy

3 hours


Vesica Pisces Intensive Package 

Couples Therapy

3 sessions over 3 months


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