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Welcome to Ouroboros School Of Mystery, a Sanctuary for Soul Healing and Learning,

We guide spiritual creatives to connect with their soul essence where truth resides, intuition rests, and their super powers dwell, waiting to be discovered, ready to emerge.

Most of all we invoke PURE YOU to occupy the throne of your heart and thrive with joy, creativity and a smile.

We are here to empower your self-knowledge, awaken the intuitive healer within you, teach you tools to master the inner energies and navigate the exterior energies wisely.

In deep gratitude for Mother Earth and the World of Living Energy, we share earth wisdom practices to expand your sense of belonging and connection with Her, which in turn grounds your personal trust and confidence.

The unfolding path of a healer is a natural passage on the universal journey of self development toward the One, characterized by emotional maturity, genuine or awakening 'service to others' awareness, ownership of the Divine within, and presence with the mystery of Nature.


To be ok without knowing and open to the spectrum of feelings. We realize, we each are our own impeccable healers, drivers of energy, and creators of our experience.

There is no question the world is in the eye of the storm, an epic time of transformation. Where will we choose to end up? Do we even choose? Apathy is in the air... cumulative past trauma and wounding both personal and collective have been endured by all of us as we navigate, cope, and do our best to survive and make sense of this upside down world.

At such a polarized time it becomes even more
essential for us to really get to Know Ourselves, our Temple, our Livelihood. To be discerning of our life choices, trusting of our gifts, thriving with self love, choosing uplifting relationships, caring community, protecting our sovereign rights, and responsibly connecting with Nature, our Nature Allies and Guides in the World of Living Energy.

People have come to me because of past trauma, something in their life was not working or falling apart physically with their health, emotionally with their relationship or mentally with their work life- in all configurations. 

In most 'dis-eases' - anything from low self-worth issues all the way to cancer - the common denominator is imbalance, and the difference is degree. A chronic low self-worth issue, arising from a past trauma without attention may eventually result in a tumor, and vice versa, tending to our wounds and traumas in a timely manner may stop the trajectory of a tumor or any other karmic reminder. We need to look at the wider perspective, how the physical body, emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body all absolutely influence each other. A Pill For An Ill response is anything but passé.

Everything is interconnected in this mystery of life and the higher you play the more love in your heart. Love is the currency in the new paradigm. It is easy to say and lovely to hear it rolling off my tongue, but there is a steep learning curve to transition into 5D reality. We have been immersed and programmed in the opposite paradigm of competition, survival, money, authoritarian patriarchy to the brink of Now. Lets be compassionate to ourselves. Notice the judgements of others and yourself. 

After a decade of facilitating healing for clients, what I've really come to see is that unless you really get to know yourself and learn to co-create your experiences, all the healing sessions in the world won't get you to your beautiful life. My mission as a medicine woman, a paqo, a facilitator and teacher of healing is for you to develop tools of self-knowledge and connect with Nature's infinite wisdom and abundance, the foundation of healing, manifestation and transformation.


It is a way of life embodied in the practice of managing and regenerating your energies within and without, allowing yourself to feel deeply and open your heart, moving and processing steadily through the waves of life energy we are immersed in as we take firm hold of the rudder pointing to our dream. 

Rooting the Soul Star is a process of expanding consciousness which grows the flower petals of the heart chakra as it transforms itself into the new foundation for embodying the Soul Essence. Together with earth wisdom practices which support expansive shifts in perspectives, this healing journey will bring more clarity, confidence, integrity, truth, joy and creativity to your life.

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