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Rainbow Bridge to awaken your soul purpose
Ouroboros School Of Mystery


I invoke PURE YOU to occupy the Throne of your Heart and Thrive with Joy, Creativity and a Smile.



My mission is to empower courageous men and women on their journey of self healing and remembrance, alchemy, a cosmic restitution with Nature.

If you want to participate in the mystery of life with awe instead of the monopoly game of life with stress look no further. 

Love is the currency of the new paradigm...

Antoinette Aurell with a despacho offering at the river

Antoinette Aurell

Protector of Jewel Heart

Antoinette Aurell

Checkout the new docuseries on Gaia:

Healing, Manifestation & Alchemy

Antoinette Aurell

I'm happy to let you know of my appearance in this docuseries on Crystals! There has been nothing like this that i know of and i find the docuseries to be very well done with interesting information from diverse perspectives and lineages. All the 8 episodes are out now!! 

"Join us on a transformative journey in this exclusive Gaia Original series as we delve into the roaring crystal renaissance to understand the history, science, and healing power of crystals. Our experts unearth the multifaceted mysteries of these sacred stones from scientific, Vedic, Daoist, Hermetic, Native American, and New Age perspectives to reveal how crystals hold the key that can unlock our highest potential in the modern world. Journey into the heart of crystal alchemy, manifestation, and holistic wellness to witness how crystals can transform your life, one healing frequency at a time." - Gaia


Do you want to access your unique gifts, creativity, and super powers?

Would you like to bring more clarity, confidence, and integrity to your life purpose?

Are you ready to expand your consciousness and invite magic and flow into your life?

crystals on marble table

2024 Revolving Registration !
Cohort #3 dates: April 21st, 28th, May 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th at 11am EST
Cohort #4 dates: July 6th, 7th, 13th, 20th, 27th, Aug 3rd at 6pm EST

 Chakras & Crystals Alchemy  /  6 week online workshop

c&c alchemy.jpeg

Chakras & Crystals Alchemy, currently only available online, is Ouroboros School Of Mystery's foundational introductory course covering basic energy anatomy, energy healing wisdom, and an introduction into the metaphysical aspect of the crystal kingdom and how they can support us, guided by experiential journeys, meditations and sound healing.

Through Antoinette's experiences of over a decade of immersion into shamanism and notably Andean mysticism, personal practice with sacred plant medicines, one-on-one healings with over three hundred clients, and eight years of teaching the Beginning and Intermediate Crystal Healing Certification Courses, it became evident to her that all healing intrinsically comes from the Self.

A healer's path first starts with his/her own healing and as one expands their self awareness through healing and raising their frequency, one naturally builds the capacity to hold space for others in need of guidance. We all have the potential to become healers, if we choose to.


As we evolve into greater inner depths of ourselves, we embody our Divinity, we become present to this eternal moment of NOW, connect to the LOVE of Mother Earth and the Cosmos and to the realization that we are all ONE. As lofty as this may sound to the skeptic, as we embark on this journey, we will open pathways to uncover our shadows, move towards discovering our truths and start making choices which are more aligned to our authentic life purpose. As we process and integrate this new perspective, synchronistic experiences become more available as we become more tuned into the world of living energy around and inside us. This is one pathway from many others, towards flowing with the flow and becoming the co-creators of our lives!

Chakras & Crystals Alchemy online course will be offered throughout the year in 2024. This is an opportunity for learning, healing and transformation in an intimate and sacred group container intended as another pathway which mirrors one-on-one healing sessions with Antoinette.

There is much value in working together (as there is no coincidence) an intimate group of souls gather into these cohorts, and the reflections, sharings, and breakthroughs each one experiences dynamically inspires, confirms, and enriches the lessons for the others.

The tuition is $900 with an Early Bird discount of 23% and includes live course recordings, downloadable class slides, two 20 min one-on-one Platica - Heart

to Heart Talk sessions with Antoinette. There will be some homework in between classes, a commitment of 30min ~ 1hr of personal integration work on our learning platform. As with anything, the more you focus and stay present with the work, the more you will receive! 

Post Chakras & Crystals Alchemy Course you are invited to join a bi-monthly iPet Clinic to continue

the work and support your daily life through specific themes, guided journeys, individual coaching depending on the presenting energies (within group container), and sharing of breakthroughs and gratitudes. 

Testimonials from the November 2023 Chakras & Crystals Pilot Course!

"This class was really a surprise. It was such a pleasure being in this class and so much more than I was expecting. The real talk and heart felt sharing of personal stories was powerful to me. It helped me put in perspective my own struggles with health and balance. We're all on the journey of self discovery. I really got a lot out of the hemitite shield, the guided visualization meditations and the naming of our iPETs. Learning about myself through the mirror of others, healing with crystaline forces, continuing to climb towards the summit. I feel I have all these new tools in my psychic and spirtual toolbox to build myself and grow even stronger. Thank you Antoinette for helping me navigate the way towards the light." - Sean Sean
Despacho Offering


free gift despacho


Your Pathway To Sacred Reciprocity

Thanks for submitting!

A despacho is a living prayer bundle, a ritual offering of gratitude to Nature and the spirit world to bring balance and harmony into your life. This PDF guide will teach you how you can create your own sacred despacho ceremony. Provide your name and email to sign up for our quarterly newsletter and free PDF!

Vesica Piscis Couples Crystalline Therapy
Vesica Piscis Couples Crystalline Therapy

Vesica Piscis Couples Crystalline Therapy
is at once a ceremony, a shamanic journey, an alchemical process, and an exercise in revealing truths
through intention, inter-relation, reflection, and collaboration,
supported by crystal allies and stones, drumming, and song.
The laying on of stones grid work invites the inner child to come out and play. 


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Jaguar Pond Apu Ausangate
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