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"Let the day come when you will stand on your own feet, recognize your duty and responsibility and ask no one to make decisions for you, here, hereafter, inner or outer."

- The Rainbow Bridge by Two Disciples.

Recently, my new accountant asked me, "Do you clear energy? What exactly do you do?"

I replied neatly, "Yes I facilitate healing work, shamanic energy medicine, aura reading, and crystal healing. All of the vibrational healing modalities that I work with trust and know that the universe is filled with ‘life energy’ and that we can receive / give, channel energy, information, guidance, and healing in collaboration with the forces of nature. I attune with, facilitate for and empower my clients to explore and discover their own healing at each moment passionately."

And then here is an elaboration of what was flowing out of me that day...

Recently an idea has been forming within me, that energy healers are like the ancient

yet contemporary psychologists, in the sense that as humanity evolves and expands its consciousness and knowledge of the universe at large, our inner personal landscape

also expands to include wider perspectives... such as the wisdom of our multi-

dimensional bodies, elevated octaves of vibrational frequencies and their self-healing properties, our soul level knowing and intelligence, our ancestral lineages and related

karma, the many expression and inter-relation of sound / color / frequency / sacred geometry, all the way to the larger laws of nature which links each individual healing and development of their essence to the collective healing and restoration of health to our Mother Earth. We each are a part of the whole, unique and independent fractals that move and influence the whole multi-organism.

As we become more conscious to include the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves, to consider and align all of their intrinsic values, we create coherence, ease, and spaciousness within and can develop our capacity to receive more information, enter deeper layers, guided by feelings, thoughts, and messages from the soul, to unearth unconscious memories, dissolve self-sabotaging patterns and traumas, and accomplish leaps of healing in a shorter time (quantum leaps) than for example dealing with the same issue in a linear, analyzing, talk therapy way with a traditional psychologist. It needs to be experienced.

I am not discounting psychologists and I have to say that my few experiences with traditional psychologists have been limited (with two different ones, both in a marital mediating capacity, no more than 7 sessions total). That experience showed me the importance of the quality, depth, compatibility of perspective, culture, and maturity of the individual therapist, or any teacher or healer for that matter. The two therapists were experienced by me as night and day. The first one listened to what we had to say very carefully and wrote lots of notes and practically had nothing to say herself so by the end of the session we felt pretty empty and confused. The second one was smart and wise, picked up our character nuances and revealed vulnerable points by holding up a mirror so to say, and actually mediated and pointed things out to us.

When we go into the realms of regressional therapy, as shown in Dr. Brian Weiss' book Many Masters, Many Lives, then we are entering another plane of time and space, non-linear where energy/information finds a portal to come through and reveal its nature through the veils, in Dr Weiss case the words of a master coming through his client and talking to him about his life.

During a challenging NYC multiple life crisis in 1997 - an experience exemplified by the Tower card in the Tarot - my astrologer informed me of a toxic astrological arrangement in my natal chart which coupled love with disappointment, and, that he knew of an amazing regressional therapist, Coletta Long, who may be able to help me through it. "She's the Mother Theresa of regressional therapy!" he said. I jotted down her number which he casually enumerated on the cassette tape recording of my natal chart reading i got done for the first time. Those years I was hooked on my astrology readings and would put the cassette tape in my yellow sony sports walkman and listen to my reading over and over again with my big headphones as I went to sleep. clunk STOP clunk, rewinding the tape and clunk PLAY to re-listen to the urgent parts where I needed to take care of the energies in my life.........zzzzzzzzzz

I called Coletta and when she realized I had no idea what regressional therapy was, she told me to read Brian Weiss' book, Many Master, Many Lives then call her back. I read the book in one sitting probably the next day, made my appointments with Coletta at the earliest convenience and flew over to see her in Austin, Texas where I went through 17 hours of regressional therapy sessions.

I stayed at Super 8 Motel and Coletta would come pick me up every morning and we drive to her house. After the morning session she would drive us to go have lunch together then we would return and have another session, for 4 days. As I look back on this now, I see how intent I was in getting a result, and I got them.

My paradigm was transformed forever as I viscerally experienced a truth, or essence of myself - that my soul carried forward unprocessed energies from multitudes of other lifetimes and experiences, in order to re-experience and process through my current incarnation or point of focus. I had the opportunity to learn the lessons and evolve on continually into higher levels and planes of consciousness, or not.

During the regressional therapy sessions with Coletta, as I remembered and re-experienced traumas in my past/parallel lives and was, at the tenth hour, given the opportunity to identify the characters in my regressions with significant people in my current life, I was dumbfounded. I was amazed! Because the stories that still lived in me, for example the one as Jans, during what looked like a Germanic, Middle Age era in a gothic castle, I was the white-haired Ruler's right hand man / advisor and I didn't like him. That day when I stood up for my beliefs, for the first time, against the Ruler's decision to raid a village to take over their abundant river and water resources, I was executed.

So thats a very mini basic plot of the story. If I look at the energy involved, it is about power, manipulation, and abandonement. Without going into the details of my current life, the Ruler was clearly identified by me at the time as my current lifetime mother's boyfriend, who had caused a lot of grief and drama in our family's lives emotionally and financially through his inappropriate relationship with our mother and a dragged on ridiculous lawsuit putting my mother at odds against all of her children.

This was an initiation I had to go through in my late twenties, crowned by the lawsuit,

Aurell Real Estate Co. vs Mother's Boyfriend, ugh, where I had to stand up for myself and my siblings, to go through a long, excruciating ordeal and finally overcome it, against my own mother, as it turned out, as halfway through the lawsuit she abandoned her children and took sides with him. I really had to look up the word 'psychopath' then to confirm that I was dealing with one. Late night visit from bf with his rolls royce parked outside and the driver with a scar on his face, came to my mother's house as she was in the hospital after her suicide attempt drinking pesticide, he came with his bribery suitcase full of US$ and piled it on the kitchen table in a pyramid and tempted me to settle the deal. Huh? Of course I didn't. To be continued....

There was a beauty and a healing in recognizing how the residual karma between Jans and the Ruler was continuing its process through me and my mother's boyfriend. AHAAA.

Before my mother passed away, I was able to tell her of this story in all the details and make the connection with this life and make some understanding of why? and completely release the story, which I know had caused my mother sleepless nights. The story is totally fantastic, and why not?

It was extremely healing. The last words she could barely roll out of her mouth as her cognitive skills vanished were, "あなたはいい子ね”, "you are a good girl".

At that moment it felt like our karmic bond expired and was released into Ho'oponopono.

She lived on for three more months mostly in a vegetable state and was cared for by my lovely aunt Ma-chan at the Nisseki Hospital Palliative Care Unit. For the last three weeks of her life I stayed there by her side all day and night except for when the boyfriend came every other day for an hour or two I would go out for some air. The day before she passed, the boyfriend did a few inappropriate moves; first he put his hot green tea cup and touched her forearm to see if she would react, then he forced opened her eyes like a doctor would do, and then he smushed her face around with his hands like it was dough!? My aunt and I were outraged and asked him to stop, then suddenly my mother swung her right arm and gasped him away like a she-wolf. I was triumphant for her. She was so weak on the last drops of water that was keeping her alive, the elimination of water would stop all of her physical systems. The next day surrounded by her brother, sisters, nieces, and myself,

as we were having tea, snacking and conversing quietly my mother took her last breath.

She didn't wait for the boyfriend who was on his way. The cherry blossoms were dancing in the air.

As my story circles around, thank you for sticking around, I was so enthusiastic about the amazing healing that took place in me in such a short period I began to long distance study with Coletta Long. I started a Hypnotherapy Course as an introduction to the Regressional Therapy Course I wanted to do. I was then still a dashling, jet-setting fashion photographer living in NYC with my two elementary school age daughter and son, so I devoured the hypnotherapy manual and then the long list of reading materials hungrily but only accomplished 2 hours of the required 200 hours of hypnotherapy practice and session notes with my friend Charlie.

And finally circling back to now, I realize that through my crystal healing and shamanic healing practices, I am facilitating regressional therapy already without the need to count back from 100, 99, 98, 97....or other techniques, because the vibration of the crystals or the beat of the drum brings on altered states of consciousness naturally. I am forever grateful for Coletta Long who gracefully opened the door of healing to me. Coletta told me that she taught Brian Weiss regressional therapy techniques! obviously before he wrote his book. Aho to Coletta!!

I went back to see Coletta again in Austin another time with my son, and then eventually in 2010 I visited her again but this time to interview and film her for my film project CRONE.

I feel some movement happening around CRONE which has been a dormant project for a few years now as I focused on my healing practice. This makes me happy as I would love to share the footage of amazing wise women and all they have to say. To be continued...

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