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Ouroboros Healing Arts: Working with Antoinette

By Danielle Rose
earth based crystalline healing

All healing comes from within

Antoinette Aurell is the founder, teacher and facilitator of healing at Ouroboros Healing Arts, a practice that incorporates the wisdom of earth based crystalline healing. Through her education and experiences, Antoinette’s work incorporates a number of different modalities and earth-based wisdom traditions, all of which support the subtle body. This may include herbalism, crystal-healing, meditation, past life regression and more. She believes that everyone is their own healer, and her mission is to help people connect to their innate knowing. By getting to know themselves body and soul, they reignite their connection with nature and all the help available from the invisible realm.

“Unless you really get to know yourself and learn to co-create your experience, all the healing sessions or talk therapy in the world will not get you to your beautiful life”

~Antoinette Aurell

The heart is the master; The mind the servant

With earth based crystalline healing, Antoinette’s modalities center around vibrational energy medicine, shamanism, (heart energy) and tangible modalities (physical energy) like crystal healing and herbalism.

Since we are inter-dimensional beings and experience life emotionally, mentally, and intuitively, Antionette said energy medicine goes beyond just the physical body. It creates an awareness and communication with what she calls the bubble, also known as the luminous energy field, or aura. This “subtle body” is a combination of all of the intangible parts of the being: emotional, mental, and spiritual. Through energy healing, a portal opens to bring more understanding, coherence and flow among the multi-dimensional body.

“Your Soul ultimately wants to express its creative intention and the physical manifestation of your Soul Purpose. My specialty is to support you to access your own truth. With a clear intention, I hold space and guide you through your inner landscape where the journey begins.

The role of the chakras in earth based crystalline healing

The chakras are the connection between the physical and subtle bodies. Each chakra is associated with a spectrum of color, connected to glands in the physical body, and has its own areas of expertise and super-powers. Antoinette believes that as we get to know each chakra and “clear” them of stuck energy and traumas, we better understand not only ourselves, but the imprints and patterns that have built energetic (and therefore, physical) blocks over the course of our lifetime,

Just as we take a shower or bath to cleanse our physical body, the counterpart of spiritual hygiene is taking time to process our emotions, thoughts, to arrive at a neutral or harmonious stasis. This clearing and understanding of the chakras is part of getting to know ourselves. It removes outworn filters and supports the body and mind to access its Soul Purpose, so we can discover and enact that purpose. This includes the purging of old belief systems and most importantly setting a new intention and plan, also called illumination.

“We rest and digest our food.

“We rest and digest our energy.”

“Like an onion, we remove layers of armor as we get closer to the center, and reveal more of who we truly are.”

Dense shadow energy and refined light

Shadow and light work is an important part of the wisdom of earth based crystalline healing. This work is about feeling into these subtle bodies to better understand the patterns that limit us, the programs that block us, and heavy energy rooted in feelings such as fear, judgment, pain, shame or trauma. The more we accept and allow our bodies to understand these heavy, dense energies and feelings, the closer we get to revealing their root cause. Shadow work is as much about making peace with these experiences and feelings as it is about releasing them with compassion. There is also continued practice and maintenance required.

Shadow work is accompanied by light work. Once we understand more of who we truly are, then the next step is to learn how to manifest more of the true self into our lives. This is about aligning soul work with mental thoughts and the emotional body. When both the subtle and physical bodies are in congruence, we can begin to work toward achieving our truth and desires… transmuting heavy energy into refined light energy.

Energy drives your life (So drive your energy!)

Everything is energy, and much like different states of matter are determined by the speed at which they move, the vibration of our subtle body determines if the energy field is light or heavy. Co-creating with Nature Spirits is a foundational energetic process in shamanism and earth-based shamanic healing, and Antoinette believes this perspective of wonder is an important part of returning to our culture.

Antoinette combines her work with the elementals, plants and stones with therapeutic techniques she has received and developed over the past decade while facilitating, healing, mentoring and teaching. This combination of techniques encourage the body and mind to perceive, self-reference, and drive its own energy. Much like intentional communication within relationships, taking hold of our own energy patterns helps to shift perspective and see things more expansively.

For example, talk therapy focuses on where we came from and where we’re going… At Ouroboros your work with Antoinette will focus on connecting with the whole aspects of self, including how we are part of nature and guided by the laws of nature.

If traditional talk therapy takes place in linear time, then our work takes place in circular time, or sacred time. This space is like lucid dreaming, journeying deep within our soul’s landscape and light language. We love Mother Earth and just as we have a bubble, Mother Earth has a bubble—or soul body—often endearingly called Pachamama, or Cosmic Mother, who we can enter into active inter-relationship of sacred reciprocityinter-relate with and receive support.

We are all born of the earth

Mother Earth is an important part of the healing journey. We are born of earth elements, and we must consume the earth in order to survive. In the same way, our “refuse” should feed the earth, and in many ways does. For example, our most abundant refuse, CO2, is required by plants to survive. When we die, we return to the earth and our bodies feed the soil and the organisms that thrive in it: the cycle begins again.

We also maintain an energetic connection with the planet’s energies, known as the shamanic realm. Understanding our own intricate connections with our ecosystem and planet builds on sacred reciprocity.

“On our way to become masters at driving our own energy, we can learn to work with the energy of Mother Earth and beyond.”

Healing is achieving a state of stillness

In order to know ourselves, we must enter into a state of stillness, a place of witnessing ourselves and our patterns. This setting the intention and holding sacred space is the focus of your session. The process may include inviting invisible helpers (higher self), prayers, breathing, laying of stones, and vibrational modalities like drumming (the heartbeat of Mother Earth), singing and rattling. Setting the stage for stillness allows the self to go within and feel, so you may experience messages from your soul plane and beyond.

Once stillness is achieved, Antoinette and client are guided by intention (eg: the purpose of the healing session) to sleuth out what the physical and subtle bodies need in order to heal.

“In order to know ourselves, we have to go into more of a stillness, and more of a place of witnessing oneself.”

Intention moves energy

The core concept of this work is to eventually become master drivers of our own energy. This isn’t solely about enlightenment, but more about being an active participant in our life experience. The old vision of “chop wood, carry water,” that leads to moments of mystic experiences is as true in our everyday lives as it is in classic film. The healing is not the ending point, but more of a dance where we understand and heal in equal parts alongside our life work.

Antoinette believes that when life throws curve balls, rather than losing center and getting buried deep in a hole, we can assume an attitude of: “Thank you creator! There must be something better coming!”

“Every feeling is a signpost of where we are. If we come with an, ‘everything is perfect’ attitude and surrender, life opens paths, showing you the way.”

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